A thinking out loud that explores



and everything else.

And if the appetite is there to meet and discuss, then we do so.



is a 'some times' open discussion group,

with a history of meeting in Glasgow and West Lothian on a weekly basis in pubs to explore life, death, and everything else, with others.

The conversations start from the introduction of a topic, followed by a Christian interpretation or response, which is used as the catalyst for, discussion, debate, and discernment. 


Meeting Aims

1.    Discuss an interesting and/or important topic.
2.    Hear the hosts beliefs on the topic 
3.    Listen to differing or opposing beliefs on the topic 
4.    Debate which belief is true or ‘more true’ 
5.    Discern for ourselves in our own time which belief is true or ‘more true’

Meeting Rules
1.    Listen and Share
2.    Assertion and passion is welcome
       (Aggression, passive aggression, and manipulation is not)
3.    Be prepared to agree to disagree.

No upcoming events at the moment