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We put on gigs and give an equal share of takings to the performers, venues, staff, and charities that support children or vulnerable adults in Scotland, taking nothing for ourselves.

We also throw parties providing a non commercial space to showcase or be creative, asking for a what you can afford or recommended donation to cover costs.

Our events are for 16+ (Venue permitting)

Pretend you're on TV before 9pm.

We love Scotland’s anti-mainstream community.

It has no leader,

it is rarely led,

it has no constitution,

no officially organised meetings,

no unified philosophy or belief system,

and on the face of it doesn’t sound like it even exists as a community at all.

Something in some way, makes it a community.


Perhaps it is; being Sceptical, cynical, afraid, or bored, of the culture we live in.

Perhaps it is; being put off, disgusted, discouraged, ignored, not represented, or rejected by; mainstream news outlets, advertising, politics, religion, Hollywood, Celebrity, Commercialism, 'movements', corporate power, corporate control.

Perhaps it is a hatred of lies, and the desire for truth and genuine, truthful experience. 


The mainstream at best disinterests, and at worst repulses.


Name calling, greasers, bums, punks, hippies, metal-heads, moshers, drop-outs, misfits, rude-boys, ravers, losers...


Alternative Music and the arts attract

certain venues appeal


offering something that claims more substance,

something that better reflects their life experience 

If you can relate, 

if the truth matters,

If genuine experience of substance matters, then...

be SIC

afterall sharing is caring

No upcoming events at the moment